Review of One of the Best Sales Letters I’ve Ever Read

I recently read Russell Brunson’s book, “DOTCOM Secrets – The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online.”

I found it very educational, although it is a marketing tool. In fact it’s one of the best sales letters I’ve ever read. It’s that well written.

The positive thing about it is Russell shows you his marketing plan in complete detail. He draws out his various sales funnels (from the front end freebie product to get optins all the way to his middle value funnels, and then his high value back end in both graphics, and with the written word by way of explaining what each funnel is, and how/why he uses them.

In the book Russell explains the following parts of his marketing plan, and how they work:

His secret formula

     The value ladder

     Moving from ladder to funnel

     How to find your dream customers

     The three types of traffic

     The attractive character

     The soap opera sequence

     Daily Seinfeld sequence

     Reverse engineering a successful funnel

     Seven phases of a funnel

     The twenty-three building blocks of a funnel

     Frontend vs. backend funnels

     The best bait

     Frontend funnels

          Funnel #1: Two-step, free-plus-shipping

          Funnel #2: Self-liquidating offer

          Funnel #3: Continuity

     Funnels for the middle of the value ladder

          Funnel #4: The perfect webinar

          Funnel #5: Invisible funnel webinar

          Funnel #6: Product launch

     Backend funnel

          Funnel #7: High-ticket, three-step application

He even includes the scripts he uses to market each tunnel.

Pure gold.

So why do I call it a sales letter?

While he does explain each sales funnel that his business uses, one marketing point is his membership site – where you get access to software that helps you create your own funnels simply.

That saves you the time of having to build your own from scratch, providing enormous value.

Another marketing point is that this book is the first level qualifier for Russell’s high end coaching programs.

This book is packed with high value information for any marketer who wants to learn about sales funnels, and how to use them.

“DOTCOM Secrets” is the perfect example of his sales funnel #1: 2 step free-plus-shipping. For a limited time (until supplies run out) you get the book free. Just pay the shipping on it.

That’s not a bad bargain for all the information that Russell packed inside.

You can learn from this book. Give it a read, and learn more about marketing funnel design & use. Oh, and some great lessons in copywriting too. Here’s my affiliate link:

“DOTCOM Secrets – The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online”