Beware These Success Killers

All of us run head on into roadblocks when we’re starting an online business. It’s part of the dues we pay when we decide to make a better life for ourselves, and our families.

On every worthwhile journey we must prove that we’re worthy of the success we seek.

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When You’re Starting An Online Business Beware These Success Killers

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Lower Your Unsubscribe Rate

Strategy In Email Marketing Helps Decide ROI

When your strategy for marketing to your email list works right you eYou Want To Unsubscribengage the reader – and that boosts return on investment, and lowers your unsubscribe rate.

That makes it pretty important for you to learn effective strategies that work right.

The question is, “What are the best strategies for me to learn, and master?”

Let me tell you about 10 techniques that will help you out.

Make sure the user knows what he’s signing up for

Your opt in form must explain to the user – without any doubt – what he gets when he signs up.

Don’t give them options. Give them specific bullets stating, “This is the kind of information/marketing messages that I’m going to send you in the emails you’ll get from me after you sign up for my list.

It’s important that he knows he’ll get emails, and the type of content these emails will contain.

Want to discover more about keeping a low unsubscribe rate?

9 More Ways To Retain Subscribers

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Google Changes Keep Publishers And SEOs On The Ball

Does it appear to you that Google's transparency is in constant decline?

The SEO community and Google have always been somewhat at odds with each other. While this group of SEOs think Google hates them, another group believes Google google-search-new-logo1-ss-1920-800x450
relies on them.

Consider that Google's existence boils down to the ability to find high quality, high value website content for its searchers. Without content that helps Google's customers solve problems, those customers will abandon Google for another search engine.

And it's the website builders, who have the integrity to provide for optimized content that delivers the value, that make Google's existence possible.

So the SEO community (anyone who works to optimize content) kinda keeps Google afloat – don't you think?

But recently, with the constant changes – and less communication to the community – Google appears to care less about keeping the SEOs & publishers up to date in regards to its guidelines.

For some the more translucent Google becomes, the more SEO techniques relate to pain.

Read more about it: Are SEO methods worth bothering with anymore?


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Social Networks Do You Know How To Build Them?

We keep hearing all about how we must have a network to succeed. But how do you go about making one exist in your life?

20150811212235-networking-talking-break-employeesThat's sometimes difficult to learn, because everyone seems to think that you should already know how to create the network. It's really not tough to figure out. You make a network out of the contacts that you have. It's the people you know – your family, the friends you've made, your business associates.

The more people you know, the larger the network you have, the greater amount of potential opportunities.

You're supposed to learn how to form a network during your formative years, developing your skills for the social life while you go through school. But for most of us our time during the school years only finds us associating with a specific circle of people who have the same interests.

In business you require much wider, and varied areas of interest. The social activity in school doesn't help us when the time comes to widen our relationships into those wider circles.

So you must learn the skills, but you're not necessarily all on your own.

Here are some tips to get you started: Read More




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Building A Business Online Can Be Confusing – And Misleading

When it comes to building a business online
there’s a lot of misleading information out there.

Along with that you get distracted by a myriad of overpriced products. And too many people who have dreams of success with their own online business fall into the trap of the “Shiny New Object” syndrome – jumping from one product or program to the next new product or program to cross their email inbox, or catch their eye as they serf the web.

Combine that with all the hype that builds the supposed value of a product or program to multiples way beyond what is true, and it’s small wonder why so many people fail within their first year.

Automated Wealth Network (AWN) offers a different approach.

Tim Chesonis & Michael Cocan have created a predictable systematic approach to making an online income.

And right now you have a chance to learn this method/strategy 100% free.

That’s how they set it up for all of us. In the back office you get a built-in revenue generating system, along with the tools you can use to make it work. It’s full of videos that teach you how to build your business (and the strategies work for any business you like).

The training is designed for you to learn, then act.

You can use this strategy on your existing business to help it grow. And/Or you can make use of the training to create a business with the marketing funnel that they’ve included with AWN. All totally optional.

Oh, and we also have a mastermind group on Facebook where you can get answers to any questions the training videos don’t answer (which is rare – all you need do is follow the videos as they pretty much cover everything).

Of course, we’d like for you to join us in our income opportunity, but that’s a choice only you can make.

I urge you to have a look at AWN now. You have nothing to lose, and a lot of marketing knowledge to gain.

Just visit my URL, and see if AWN is a good match for you.

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You Need Website Traffic – Lots Of Visitors – For Your Online Business To Succeed, Right?

How Much Website Traffic Do You Need?

Once you have your domain hosted online it’s only natural to think that the only thing you need now is website traffic, and your business will be a huge success.

And the more visitors the better.

So most new marketers set out to attract all the internet surfers in the world to their site, because that’s what they think they need to make them successful.

Let’s explore that concept a bit further though. You see, there’s a little more involved in business success than simply getting a boat load of website traffic looking at your pages. You need traffic, yes, but that traffic must be a special kind of people.

Gary Halbert used to tell a story about how he’d compete against anyone selling hamburgers – and win that competition with only one thing.

His opponent could have the best burger meat, the highest quality buns, and all the extras anyone could want on their hamburger. He even allowed that his opponent could have a fancy establishment at an ideal location to serve those burgers up.

Gary would sell the plainest burger, on the plainest bun, with no fixins whatever. The only thing he wanted was a starving crowd.

For Online Business Success You Gotta Have Hungry Website Traffic

You must attract visitors who are starving for YOUR product. Not your competitors product. You need people who understand that you are the only one who can give them what they want.

So how you gonna do that?

In some way you have to distinguish yourself from every other marketer in your chosen niche. How are you uniquely different? What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?

Find that first. Then you’ll have to start publishing content to your site that teaches the ideal website traffic that you are the marketer to visit.

When you know your USP, you find it easy to get the list of keywords you need to work on. Start creating content around those keywords, and when your content is high quality the search engines will take notice.

It won’t be long before the visitors you’re looking for start dropping by.

It’s targeted traffic that you need. You target them with content that teaches them about how you know what they want, and how you can provide that want. You do that with content that gives them answers to their questions. High quality content that gives them information they can use successfully to live a better life, a happier life.

Content that helps them reach their goals.

When you have targeted traffic traveling to your site, traffic that wants and needs what you’re selling, you don’t need a huge number of visitors. If your product gives value in a way that successfully gives them what they desperately want your visitors will keep coming back for more of what you offer.

It really doesn’t take a world full of people coming around to make your online business a success.

A small community of visitors buying from you repetitively is plenty of website traffic to make you wealthy.

All you need do is find that starving crowd, give them the valuable information that teaches how you can still that hunger, and you’re well on your way to success.

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Developing An Attitude For Success In Life Turning Your Roadblocks Into Stepping Stones

Every person runs up against problems that block their path. The best way to clear those roadblocks, and smooth that path, is to develop an attitude for success in life.

This holds true in your personal life, and it holds true in your professional life. Sooner or later, and most likely more than once, you’ll run into something that leaves a sour taste.

There’s an old saying that goes, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

Have you heard it?

That’s good advise actually. At least in most circumstances.

Chill that lemonade, have a big old swallow, and suddenly your thirst goes away. It cools you off on a hot summer day. Suddenly you feel satisfied, and your problems tend to take a back seat to all the good things that you have going for you.

Yes, it’s always pro-active to try turning negative events in your life into positive and productive experiences.

But sometimes life tosses rotten lemons in your basket.

You can still make lemonade from them, but that lemonade isn’t something that helps your situation when you drink it. In fact, drinking lemonade made from rotten lemons most of the time will make your future life more miserable.

In your attitude for success in life you have to recognize when the lemons you’re served are rotten. And when that happens the only reasonable action you can take is to toss those lemons in the trash, walk away, and start building on a new path.

You can’t force the fruits of your labors to always be sweet. Once in a while something unfortunate slips into your life, and the best way to handle it is to turn your back – or push it aside, and move forward with something else.

Sometimes you just have to let things go.

Here’s an example of what I mean by that.

Once I decided that owning a bar would be a great business to get into. I’d spent some time managing one with strong success. Seemed only logical to me that I’d prosper much more if I bought a bar business for myself. So I did.

Big mistake, as it turned out.

What I finally decided was that managing a bar was easy – owning a bar was hard.

Most of the problem for me was that I had absolutely no idea how to run the business side. I knew the history of the bar I purchased, and at one time it was very popular, and famous. That was mostly because of the neighborhood, and the people who lived in that area at the time.

But over the years that neighborhood changed. I went in with the idea of returning the establishment to its former glory. After a few months I found that the area no longer would support that.

And I new so little about that type of business that I had no idea what direction the business needed to go. It got so stressful that I was getting sick, and it also became financially disastrous for me.

I finally wised up, and walked away from that business.

Jim Rohn used to talk about how unwise it is to invest into a business that is more than two levels removed from what you know. My background was in the electronics industry. The invention of computer technology, and later the internet, gave me some opportunities that were (as they say) right up my alley.

All I had to do was pursue those opportunities.

I adjusted my attitude for success in life toward a business online – what some call netpreneurship. And I found happiness in business instead of stress and pain.

I threw those rotten lemons out, planted a new tree, and now I quench my thirst with a business that I truly enjoy.

If something isn’t working you gotta fix it – or you gotta get rid of it.

You have to develop an attitude for success in life, and turn those roadblocks into stepping stones that lead you to your goals.

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To Make Money Online You Must Treat Your Activity As A Business – Not A Hobby

It’s A Business To Make Money Online – Not A Hobby

JOE1Too often we decide we’re going to start a business to make money online, move that decision forward, and then completely neglect the fact that we MUST treat our activity as a business or it won’t succeed.

We treat the endeavor more as a hobby than as a business.

You will succeed by following that path, but the path will lead to success in failure every single time.

If you want to waste all your hard earned bucks by all means start a business online, and then don’t get serious about taking the actions that are necessary to make that business grow.

If you want to succeed at making money online you must have the right attitude. That’s way more important than even having the right tools to get the job done. Although I have to say that attitude in its own right is a tool. And that tool must be used properly if you want anything positive to come of your quest for successful online entrepreneurship.

The first needed part of attitude is desire.

You have to WANT the success you seek so strongly that you cannot stand the thought of not achieving it. You have to taste that success on the air that rolls across your tongue with every breath you take in.

Simply thinking you’re going to make money online isn’t enough to make your actions work. Until acheivement of that quest is the only thought that occupies your mind – until thinking about only that quest keeps you awake at night – you don’t have the necessary desire.

The next needed part of attitude is commitment.

You must use every moment you can spare to work on moving toward your goal of success with your business.

You can’t say to yourself, “I don’t have time to create and post an advertisement right now. There’s a ball game on.”

No, you have to turn off that television, or move to a quiet room, and spend that time on your business to help it grow to realizing your dream. You don’t have time to spend on anything else.

You have to commit every ounce of your being to striding the path that leads to the end you want – no matter what!

Next to make money online you have to have persistence.

Persistence is the key to eventual success. You’ll find that events of failure are abundant, but when you take the time to learn from each failure, and figure out how to turn that failure around, you move forward. If you don’t take that time that failure event brings you to a standstill.

That leads to stagnation.

Taking that time, solving the problem when you fail, allows you to spot when you’re approaching that (or a similar) problem further along your path. Then you can deal with it before it even slows you down.

“It took me twenty years to becvome an overnight success.” Eddie Cantor

Doesn’t really matter how many times you make a mistake, or create a failure. What’s important is that you eventually learn from that mistake or failure – so you don’t suffer it after that.

The art of recognition is the next component of attitude.

Train yourself to recognize when an opportunity comes along. There will be many opportunities along your road to success. We tend to miss most of them. It’s the ones we recognize as true opportunity that smooth the path, and carries us more quickly toward our goals.

The missed opportunities create the roadblocks, and potholes that slow us down. Learn how to recognize the opportunities when they appear, and jump on them with fast action to put them to work in your business.

Attitude! The cultured combination of desire, commitment, persistence, and recognition of opportunity. It’s attitude that keeps you treating your business like a business, and not a hobby.

That’s the first steps you take to make money online.

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New Google Algorithm Update Coming

Are You Ready For The Next Google Algorithm Update?

If you’re new to internet marketing you might not know about the Google algorithm, how Google updates that algorithm, and what it does to your website traffic.

The two most recent, and infamous of these updates were the Panda and the Penguin. They caught a lot of online marketers by surprise, and the websites of those who weren’t prepared, or who were not providing good quality content, experienced a plunge in rankings as soon as the updates were released.

Panda was introduced in February of 2011, and it targeted websites that had poor quality content. Many of these sites contained articles and posts that were merely copy and paste of information found in many other places on the web.

There was no value added for the reader.

With Penguin, introduced in April of 2012, Google went after websites that were spamming. The main targets here were sites that bought links, or were members of link networks in order to influence their page rankings.

Google is focused on increasing the value it gives to its customers. Since Google’s customers come looking for places to find answers to their questions, the best value Google can give is to direct those customers to places on the web where they can find relevent, and fresh, information about the exact subject they’re looking for.

I recently learned that on April 21, 2015 Google will release yet another update to its algorithm, and if you aren’t ready for it you’ll likely lose visitors to your site as Google search engine results downgrade your site, and show your domain address to fewer people.

According to Google the coming algorithm change, launching on April 21st, will have “more of an impact on Google’s search results than the Google Panda update and the Google Penguin update did.”

If you thought you had disastrous results from Panda & Penguin, or if you haven’t heard about those results before, be aware that this is significant, and the time to prepare is now.

Read more about this update at Search Engine Land:…algorithm-larger-than-panda-or-penguin-217026

That is not an affiliate link.

You can check your sites mobile friendliness with Google’s mobile friendly test page:…_medium=referral&utm_campaign=mobile-friendly

Or try this tool that shows you the view of your page and lets you actually scroll around that page:

Always a good idea to be pro-active.

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Drive Traffic To Your Site With Value Added Content

Give Value To Get Traffic

There are many techniques for driving traffic to your site. One of them is by creating value added content.

One of the most popular methods is content creation.

You can create content in a number of ways. Some typical examples are:

Article writing
Blogging on your own blog site
Guest blogging on other marketer’s blog sites
Posting on marketing forums
Filming video
Recording MP3 files

There are many other ways, but those are enough to get you started.

One thing that is common to every one of these is that you must make sure they give value to the viewer, or listener. If you fail to give value in every piece of content you put out there, you won’t find any success towared making your dreams come true.

Garbage Content Is A Waste Of Time

What do I mean by value?

Consider what you look for when you read an article, or listen to an interview. What about that item makes you read, or listen, all the way til the end?

The information you’re getting MUST give you something you want. It has to scratch a big itch that you have.

And if by the time you read the first couple paragraphs, listen to the first few lines of dialogue, or watch the first frames of video, you don’t feel like your itch is about to be scratched – YOU ARE GOING TO CLICK AWAY, and go looking for something that will do that scratching.

That’s what your content must do for your visitors.

All content of value, in any form, gives quality information that does something good for the person who is checking it out.

It scratches that big itch. It solves a major problem, or makes the promise that it provides access to the solution. (And of course it must deliver on that promise, or you’ll leave your visitor frustrated and angry.

Don’t Screw This Up

Always make sure your content gives value. Scratches the big itch – solves the major problem. That’s what everybody is looking for when they seek information.

Another part of giving value is make sure that the content you provide IS NOT something your visitor has seen or heard before.

It has no value if they already know it.

When you create content make it original. Be sure it’s presented in your own words, and from your fresh viewpoint.

They may be familiar with your subject, but if they haven’t read your words before they won’t be familiar with your way of presenting information. There might just be something about the way you go about providing it that suddenly energizes that little light bulb in their head.

And they instantly realize which path they need to stride next.

Consider how amazing it feels to realize that you’re the one who helped them do that.

For more information about driving traffic in your direction with value added content check out this internet marketing training.

You don’t have to pay anything for it, and it might just give you one of those big AHA moments.

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