Do You Need A Website For Your Online Business?

One question I see often asked by people as they're just beginning their online business is, “Do I really need a website to make money online?”

The answer is no. You can align yourself as an affiliate marketer selling other people's products. The product owner assigns you a link that's special only to you.

It's called an affiliate link by most of us.

The product's creator builds a website (or set of web pages), also known as internet real estate, around the product, maintains the real estate, handles all sales & customer relations, and pays you a commission for each sale you make through your affiliate link.

All you need do is advertise the link.

In every netpreneurial endeavor you undertake as a part of your business online you'll go through a learning curve before you start realizing any taste of success.

Affiliate marketing is no different.

Before you can get your link you must find a product, and then request that the owner give you an affiliate account. The best way to find product is to join an organization that lists product from a variety of marketers.

Clickbank is probably the most known of those. It lists digital product that you can get your own links for, and market. You get paid through Clickbank when you use this service. To join you need only create an account (there's no charge for that), and start surfing through the products to find some that appeal to you.

One thing I do advise is that you purchase the product yourself before you market it. Try it. Test it to see how well it works, or if it doesn't work. Determine if you think the product is useful, and if it has enough value to you to make it worth what you paid for it.

If you don't believe in a product I submit that you won't have the confidence in it that you need to effectively write a description that will compel your potential customers to buy it.

If it isn't a product you'll keep using for yourself I'd say set it aside, and go look for another one to sell.

You'll find plenty of affiliate products available, both on Clickbank, and other places. Just do a search for “affiliate products”, and find the niche area that interests you most.

Once you find the product that's right for you the next step is to learn how to market that product, and where to put that marketing know how to most advantageous use – as in where to advertise it.

Both the marketing and where to advertise methods are subjects for future consideration, and not in the scope of this message.

The area of affiliate marketing offers a beginning step for the new entrepreneur to launch an online business from. You can enter into it without the need to build, or own, a website.

And if you learn how to do it right, and employ that learning, you can quickly realize a measure of success with your new enterprise.