My Story And Why I Have An Online Business


I want to welcome you to Yellow Brick Road, and let you know that I'm here to help you if you have any questions or troubles with the funnel.

You can contact me via email at: [email protected], by my personal U.S. phone number: (317) 750-0949, or in the Facebook group.

I got started with an online business in the mid 90s because I wanted to get away from being tied down to a permanent location. I like to travel, and I wanted a business that lets me go where I want, when I want, and pay the expenses too.

I'm glad I did that…

Because one day at work my department head walked into my cubicle, and said, “Joe, I need you to take a walk with me.”

I noticed he looked a bit aloof. I asked him what was going on, and he said, “Just come with me.”

We walked to the division head's office. He told me to have a seat, and a few moments later he told me that I was laid off.

He gave me a week to pack my personal belongings, and that was it.

I'd been with that outfit for a touch over 25 years.

At the time I had sponsors from various organizations who paid the company $150,000 a year for me to do contractor management work for them. The company paid me $49,700 a year.

They grossed $100,300 a year for the services that I provided to outside sponsors – and they let me go!

Luckily for me…


Because I already had an online business set up. HA!

I don't know if you're in a similar situation, but whatever reason you're looking to make money online for, I want to help by smoothing your road ahead.

And Yellow Brick Road is an ideal way for me to do that. It gives you a system with different companies to provide a multiple income stream business.

That's business growth security right there.

To get started you just go through the step-by-step video sequence you'll find inside your member area.

The videos explain how to put your funnel in place, gives you links to some resources for your use, and additional training videos toward the bottom of the page.

Hope that makes sense …glad you're joining my community.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to send them my way.

Or leave them in the Facebook group – if you haven't joined it already, I highly recommend you do. All the members are there to help each other succeed, and are ready to answer your questions.

(Please keep in mind that we allow no personal links posted there.)

I'm looking forward to seeing you inside. Yellow Brick Road.

To your success,

Joe Jackson, the “business we can run from anywhere” guy

[email protected]