To Make Money Online You Must Treat Your Activity As A Business – Not A Hobby

It’s A Business To Make Money Online – Not A Hobby

JOE1Too often we decide we’re going to start a business to make money online, move that decision forward, and then completely neglect the fact that we MUST treat our activity as a business or it won’t succeed.

We treat the endeavor more as a hobby than as a business.

You will succeed by following that path, but the path will lead to success in failure every single time.

If you want to waste all your hard earned bucks by all means start a business online, and then don’t get serious about taking the actions that are necessary to make that business grow.

If you want to succeed at making money online you must have the right attitude. That’s way more important than even having the right tools to get the job done. Although I have to say that attitude in its own right is a tool. And that tool must be used properly if you want anything positive to come of your quest for successful online entrepreneurship.

The first needed part of attitude is desire.

You have to WANT the success you seek so strongly that you cannot stand the thought of not achieving it. You have to taste that success on the air that rolls across your tongue with every breath you take in.

Simply thinking you’re going to make money online isn’t enough to make your actions work. Until acheivement of that quest is the only thought that occupies your mind – until thinking about only that quest keeps you awake at night – you don’t have the necessary desire.

The next needed part of attitude is commitment.

You must use every moment you can spare to work on moving toward your goal of success with your business.

You can’t say to yourself, “I don’t have time to create and post an advertisement right now. There’s a ball game on.”

No, you have to turn off that television, or move to a quiet room, and spend that time on your business to help it grow to realizing your dream. You don’t have time to spend on anything else.

You have to commit every ounce of your being to striding the path that leads to the end you want – no matter what!

Next to make money online you have to have persistence.

Persistence is the key to eventual success. You’ll find that events of failure are abundant, but when you take the time to learn from each failure, and figure out how to turn that failure around, you move forward. If you don’t take that time that failure event brings you to a standstill.

That leads to stagnation.

Taking that time, solving the problem when you fail, allows you to spot when you’re approaching that (or a similar) problem further along your path. Then you can deal with it before it even slows you down.

“It took me twenty years to becvome an overnight success.” Eddie Cantor

Doesn’t really matter how many times you make a mistake, or create a failure. What’s important is that you eventually learn from that mistake or failure – so you don’t suffer it after that.

The art of recognition is the next component of attitude.

Train yourself to recognize when an opportunity comes along. There will be many opportunities along your road to success. We tend to miss most of them. It’s the ones we recognize as true opportunity that smooth the path, and carries us more quickly toward our goals.

The missed opportunities create the roadblocks, and potholes that slow us down. Learn how to recognize the opportunities when they appear, and jump on them with fast action to put them to work in your business.

Attitude! The cultured combination of desire, commitment, persistence, and recognition of opportunity. It’s attitude that keeps you treating your business like a business, and not a hobby.

That’s the first steps you take to make money online.

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