To Build A Business Learn How To Grow A Garden

To Build A Business Know How To Grow A Garden

Building a business is very much like growing a garden. The steps you take to accomplish one somewhat mirrors those of the other.

Get The Soil Ready

When you decide to grow a garden the first thing you must do is prepare the soil.

The dirt in your garden plot is hard. It’s packed down, and difficult to work with. So the first thing you do is plow. You have to break that hard packed earth up to start loosening it for your garden.

Next you must til that earth because the plowing left it in big chunks that you can’t do a lot with. You have to break up those chunks of dirt into loose, manageable soil.

Then you have to hoe a straight row to place the seed.

You’ll find the steps to build a business are pretty much the same.

The first step is to prepare your mind.

You have to learn the basics of business building before you can know which path to step onto. You can’t just jump into the middle of a business adventure, and expect it to succeed.

Even if someone offers you one of those “done for you” business plans, if you don’t know the basics of building a business you won’t be able to manage it properly, and make it work like the business plan designer intended.

Don’t expect somenone else to do everything for you. That can’t work. Learn the basics. Pay your dues, so you know how to run that business once you get it off the ground.

Plant The Seed

The next thing you do when growing a garden is plant the seed in those rows you created.

In order for the garden to prosper those rows need to be straight, and you have to care for those seeds to coax them into becoming thriving plants.

You have to give those seeds, and later the plants, water so they grow strong. Then you must make sure the sun shines on them to give them warmth, and direction.

In business you’ll take your ideas, turn them into projects, and nurse them toward the goals you want them to accomplish.

Your ideas are your seeds. You water them with continued learning of business techniques. You create a plan, and devise a project, to guide your idea along a straight path.

Then you turn that project on that path into the sun, and let it follow your plan toward success.

And you use the business techniques you’ve learned to give that project its direction.

Tend Your Garden As It Grows

As your garden flourishes you must maintain its health.

Along the way weeds start growing in your garden. If you don’t keep them cleaned out they’ll choke your plants, and your garden will die.

In business you’ll come up against roadblocks on your path.

If you don’t successfully negotiate those roadblocks your project will crash and burn. You have to find a way to steer around, burrow under, climb over, or burst through those roadblocks, and get back into the sunshine on the other side.

And back on your straight path.

Accept those roadblocks as necessities for success. Solve their problems, and learn more business technique from those problems.

Learn To Grow A Garden To Build A Business

It’s an effort in continuous learning and implementing that takes you toward the result you want.

That works for growing a garden, and it works when you’re building a business. If you stop learning the required techniques, if you stop using the knowledge you gather, your garden will turn to ruin.

And so will your business.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur first learn how to grow a garden, and then use that knowledge to guide you while you build a business.

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