Seize The Moment To Start Making Money Online

Never has the prospect to make money online been better than it is today. Furthermore, it is easier for you to create an online business to sell your products and services.

Eleven years ago when we started our online business the only realistic way to get free traffic was to work hard at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and get ranked on the first page of Google. To acquire prospects, the only alternative was to advertise on Google.

Our two top keywords cost twelve-dollars and fifteen-dollars respectively, using pay per click advertising. It is apparent that thousands of dollars can be used up quickly advertising on Google. We were just starting out so the thought of spending thousands of dollars in paid advertising wasn’t practical. By working hard on Search Engine Optimization for six monhs, we found our website ranking in the top four positions for our most sought after keywords. Today we see many online businesses ranking on the first page of Google in a matter of days, but that was not the case eleven years ago.

Today there are many ways for people to stumble upon your website on the internet, which diminishes the importance of ranking on the first page of Google. {They can come across you through blogs, social networking sites, YouTube, cheap advertising, and many other ways.}

In fact, at a Jeff Johnson seminar I attended (Jeff is an amazing internet-marketing guru), Jeff started from scratch to promote a popular digital camcorder, and accomplished ranking on the first page of Google for the top keywords to sell that camcorder by the last day of a three-day seminar. If you would like to watch some very useful videos on internet marketing, you can find a collections by Jeff on YouTube.

Now, there are social networking sites like Facebook, that didn’t exist ten years ago, that get search volumes similar to Google. Why is that important to you? You should be on Facebook, or you will miss a enormous market.

Several years ago, if you were going to have an online presence, you needed the technical expertise to construct a website. Now, you can set up a blog on many Web 2.0 sites and without any technical programming background. You can set up your marketing page, monetize it and start marketing online in a day.

Eleven years ago only a small part of the world’s residents was online. The latest stats show that in 2000, there were 360-billion people on the Internet and today there are 1.73-trillion people on the Internet. This means that one out of every four people in the world is online. This is a massive market, no matter how you slice it.

It is my judgement that there has never been a better moment in time to make money online by starting an internet business than there is today. The only question is: Will you take advantage of this enormous opportunity and claim your share of the market?

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