Lower Your Unsubscribe Rate

Strategy In Email Marketing Helps Decide ROI

When your strategy for marketing to your email list works right you eYou Want To Unsubscribengage the reader – and that boosts return on investment, and lowers your unsubscribe rate.

That makes it pretty important for you to learn effective strategies that work right.

The question is, “What are the best strategies for me to learn, and master?”

Let me tell you about 10 techniques that will help you out.

Make sure the user knows what he’s signing up for

Your opt in form must explain to the user – without any doubt – what he gets when he signs up.

Don’t give them options. Give them specific bullets stating, “This is the kind of information/marketing messages that I’m going to send you in the emails you’ll get from me after you sign up for my list.

It’s important that he knows he’ll get emails, and the type of content these emails will contain.

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