How To Start To Make Money Online


How To Start To Make Money Online

There are a number of ways to make money online. It takes time and work. Beware the fast money claims – they are mostly scams.

The quickest method is to join affiliate programs. As an affiliate you sell other people’s products for a commission. Some commissions are high – as much as 80% or more, some commissions are down around 4%.

Depends on what you sell, and who you’re selling for.

Make sure you understand, and follow, the rules of each program you join. If you don’t they’ll likely ban you from the program.

Digital products normally bring the highest commissions.

Probably the best known digital affiliate program is Clickbank: A relatively new digital product affiliate site on the scene, and one that is growing in popularity is

Here are a couple of my sites where I sell digital products:

You’ll notice on the bugs site I also generate income by selling physical product related to pest control. Those are through my affiliate membership with Amazon. Also, some of the digital product that I sell are books that I’ve written myself.

How To Books Are Popular

Speaking of writing books. You can do that to make money, and list them for free on Amazon Kindle. Here’s the address for my author page on Amazon:

A suggestion for a book you could probably write reasonably fast is a how to on any subject that you know well.

You have life experiences that are unique to you, and you know how to perform some tasks in ways that are also unique to you. Write about those in an instructional way. Make sure your how to instructions are simple, and easy to follow.

Sell Physical Product As An Affiliate

For physical product there’s eBay: (you sell product that you find, and ship from your home on eBay. You might even have sellable stuff laying around). This isn’t affiliate marketing actually, because you’re selling product that you find or create, and not selling something that belongs to someone else.

You can make money as an affiliate with Amazon: (Amazon affifliate program).

On Amazon you can also create an income stream by selling your own product, or product that you find at wholesale (or at thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, etc.):

It helps to build your own websites for selling these products (digital or physical). You can start out by publishing your sites with free hosting outfits:

Start here:

You’ll need to buy your domain names for your sites. I use Namecheap for that:

That, by the way, is an affiliate link.

I also host some of my websites with Namecheap. So far I’ve been highly satisfied with their hosting services.

Some of my other sites you can look at for an idea as to how to design your own are:

Read about my most recent affiliate marketing project here: How To Make An Income Online

The program has free training for internet marketing techniques for making an income online, and it also has a business opportunity that is working for a lot of budding entrepreneurs.

Build The Website That Helps You Make Money

I use WordPress platform to build my sites. It’s easy to learn, and there are a whole bunch of free plugins you can use to make your sites look, and work the way you want.

To download a copy of WordPress to your computer go here: You’ll need to upload that into your website files.

Most website hosting services include a site builder that you’ll maybe want to work with rather than use WordPress. You’ll find the instructions in your hosting account that show you how to set those up.

That’s a lot to get you started on your path to make money online. Remember that there’s a learning curve involved. You won’t do this overnight.

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