Google Changes Keep Publishers And SEOs On The Ball

Does it appear to you that Google's transparency is in constant decline?

The SEO community and Google have always been somewhat at odds with each other. While this group of SEOs think Google hates them, another group believes Google google-search-new-logo1-ss-1920-800x450
relies on them.

Consider that Google's existence boils down to the ability to find high quality, high value website content for its searchers. Without content that helps Google's customers solve problems, those customers will abandon Google for another search engine.

And it's the website builders, who have the integrity to provide for optimized content that delivers the value, that make Google's existence possible.

So the SEO community (anyone who works to optimize content) kinda keeps Google afloat – don't you think?

But recently, with the constant changes – and less communication to the community – Google appears to care less about keeping the SEOs & publishers up to date in regards to its guidelines.

For some the more translucent Google becomes, the more SEO techniques relate to pain.

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