Discover These 3 Lies, Internet Affiliate Programs Get You To Buy Their Products

I hope I got your attention, because what I am about to share with you is worth a lot. Just by reading this article you will save yourself the time of failure and frustration and couple hundred dollars as well
online marketer.

You are going to discover why well-known Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs Gurus are lying to you. And the reasons are as follows:

  1. They show bogus proof of income
  2. They are playing on your emotion with great selling skills
  3. They hide some knowledge in order to sell you more products

Stay with me gere, because I will dive into one lie after another.

Bogus Proof Of Income

This is a single thing that many Internet Marketing Affiliate Gurus use to convince you on why you should even listen to them And they do it so well. Many Internet Marketing Gurus will convince you easily simply by putting a picture of check that shows they are making millions per year.

Even if they are trully making this kind of money, they won’t reveal how long it took them to get it. They do not even tell you how much money they had to spend in avertisement to achieve that money.

So if you see that someone is showing you online that they are making $346,789 a month, but spending over $153,765 on advertisement, they are making only over $200K. So if you knew this, you would probably opt-out of buying their Internet Marketing Affiliate Blueprints, because you simply do not have that one hundred thousand to buy ads.

Sometimes they may even show you dollar amount that they made in over two or three years and are claiming that it is their monthly income they make every month.

Of course, there are some honest Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs that will tell you how to start making money right away,I can count these on my hand though. So be careful. Do your homework, see the daily income statements and make sure they show it to you real time.

The best Internet Marketing Affiliate Gurus will show you their daily income stats as this will really be a proof of how much they are making every single day. Before you buy their product, make sure they are showing you real money deposits, not check mock-ups.

Getting Inside You Emotional Brain

Good Internet Marketing Affiliate Gurus know how to make you think and feel that you really need to get this product. They have spend hundreds of thousands to either hire some top copywriters or learned how to write these sales pages themselves.

Don’t just believe that after buying the $197 product, you will be making millions, because you simply won’t. Unless you spend tens of thousands on  market research, product development, marketing, website design, etc…

If you are one of the people who think that after you shell out $197 bucks, you will start pulling thousands of dollars freom your online business, wake up and smell the coffee. It takes whole a lot more to succeed then just $197 bucks. The product could of course show you how business online is build.

It can teach you some tricks or tips, but you would need to work on it. That means you need to take action and actually do something. If you are buying only how to’s products to find some secrets or shortcuts, don’t. You will not find them.

You will save couple thousands and time you would need to read all of the materials. It would only make you more confused and get you off the track building your Internet Business.

Hiding Knowledge In Order To Make More Money

I know more than enough Internet Marketing Gurus who do this. Their goal is to sell you on one product and then on second or third or more. That is the guru’s clever work.

This is one of the reason why they can afford to pay a lot of money on ads, because they make killing on the back end products…you just need to buy their second and third product or more.

These were the big three truths on Why Are Internet Marketing Affiliate Lying To You.

What I find amazing is that they do not teach you how to do that. You see, if they would teach you everything, they won’t be able to sell you on other products. Do you see how much they are lying to you?

I wish you do get it. Because you will not do the mistake of buying and buying without actually doing the work you need to do in order to make money.

So how do you find Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs that are worth buying?

Well, make sure they have great followings. Also make sure they offer great personal support. They will tell you that you can ask anything, but few will actually try to help you out.

The best Internet Marketing Programs are these that show step-by-step videos of how things online are done. I do not recommend ebooks, because it is always hard to follow the instruction inside.

Why videos are the best is just simply because you can follow step-by-step what you see on your computer screen, you can learn and pause and do it right on the firt try. So you will work less and also save a lot of time wasting on trying to figure out what the author or Internet Marketing Guru wanted you to do!

All you need to find is step-by-step quality video instruction where the mentor guide you step by step towards your success. So you need to find aInternet Marketing course that teach you all the missing pieces. And by everything I mean that you will not need to buy hundreds of other products on How To Become Internet Marketing Affiliate Superstar.

You can click on link below to see how good qulity step-by-step videos should look like:

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