Developing An Attitude For Success In Life Turning Your Roadblocks Into Stepping Stones

Every person runs up against problems that block their path. The best way to clear those roadblocks, and smooth that path, is to develop an attitude for success in life.

This holds true in your personal life, and it holds true in your professional life. Sooner or later, and most likely more than once, you’ll run into something that leaves a sour taste.

There’s an old saying that goes, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

Have you heard it?

That’s good advise actually. At least in most circumstances.

Chill that lemonade, have a big old swallow, and suddenly your thirst goes away. It cools you off on a hot summer day. Suddenly you feel satisfied, and your problems tend to take a back seat to all the good things that you have going for you.

Yes, it’s always pro-active to try turning negative events in your life into positive and productive experiences.

But sometimes life tosses rotten lemons in your basket.

You can still make lemonade from them, but that lemonade isn’t something that helps your situation when you drink it. In fact, drinking lemonade made from rotten lemons most of the time will make your future life more miserable.

In your attitude for success in life you have to recognize when the lemons you’re served are rotten. And when that happens the only reasonable action you can take is to toss those lemons in the trash, walk away, and start building on a new path.

You can’t force the fruits of your labors to always be sweet. Once in a while something unfortunate slips into your life, and the best way to handle it is to turn your back – or push it aside, and move forward with something else.

Sometimes you just have to let things go.

Here’s an example of what I mean by that.

Once I decided that owning a bar would be a great business to get into. I’d spent some time managing one with strong success. Seemed only logical to me that I’d prosper much more if I bought a bar business for myself. So I did.

Big mistake, as it turned out.

What I finally decided was that managing a bar was easy – owning a bar was hard.

Most of the problem for me was that I had absolutely no idea how to run the business side. I knew the history of the bar I purchased, and at one time it was very popular, and famous. That was mostly because of the neighborhood, and the people who lived in that area at the time.

But over the years that neighborhood changed. I went in with the idea of returning the establishment to its former glory. After a few months I found that the area no longer would support that.

And I new so little about that type of business that I had no idea what direction the business needed to go. It got so stressful that I was getting sick, and it also became financially disastrous for me.

I finally wised up, and walked away from that business.

Jim Rohn used to talk about how unwise it is to invest into a business that is more than two levels removed from what you know. My background was in the electronics industry. The invention of computer technology, and later the internet, gave me some opportunities that were (as they say) right up my alley.

All I had to do was pursue those opportunities.

I adjusted my attitude for success in life toward a business online – what some call netpreneurship. And I found happiness in business instead of stress and pain.

I threw those rotten lemons out, planted a new tree, and now I quench my thirst with a business that I truly enjoy.

If something isn’t working you gotta fix it – or you gotta get rid of it.

You have to develop an attitude for success in life, and turn those roadblocks into stepping stones that lead you to your goals.

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