You Need Website Traffic – Lots Of Visitors – For Your Online Business To Succeed, Right?

How Much Website Traffic Do You Need?

Once you have your domain hosted online it’s only natural to think that the only thing you need now is website traffic, and your business will be a huge success.

And the more visitors the better.

So most new marketers set out to attract all the internet surfers in the world to their site, because that’s what they think they need to make them successful.

Let’s explore that concept a bit further though. You see, there’s a little more involved in business success than simply getting a boat load of website traffic looking at your pages. You need traffic, yes, but that traffic must be a special kind of people.

Gary Halbert used to tell a story about how he’d compete against anyone selling hamburgers – and win that competition with only one thing.

His opponent could have the best burger meat, the highest quality buns, and all the extras anyone could want on their hamburger. He even allowed that his opponent could have a fancy establishment at an ideal location to serve those burgers up.

Gary would sell the plainest burger, on the plainest bun, with no fixins whatever. The only thing he wanted was a starving crowd.

For Online Business Success You Gotta Have Hungry Website Traffic

You must attract visitors who are starving for YOUR product. Not your competitors product. You need people who understand that you are the only one who can give them what they want.

So how you gonna do that?

In some way you have to distinguish yourself from every other marketer in your chosen niche. How are you uniquely different? What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?

Find that first. Then you’ll have to start publishing content to your site that teaches the ideal website traffic that you are the marketer to visit.

When you know your USP, you find it easy to get the list of keywords you need to work on. Start creating content around those keywords, and when your content is high quality the search engines will take notice.

It won’t be long before the visitors you’re looking for start dropping by.

It’s targeted traffic that you need. You target them with content that teaches them about how you know what they want, and how you can provide that want. You do that with content that gives them answers to their questions. High quality content that gives them information they can use successfully to live a better life, a happier life.

Content that helps them reach their goals.

When you have targeted traffic traveling to your site, traffic that wants and needs what you’re selling, you don’t need a huge number of visitors. If your product gives value in a way that successfully gives them what they desperately want your visitors will keep coming back for more of what you offer.

It really doesn’t take a world full of people coming around to make your online business a success.

A small community of visitors buying from you repetitively is plenty of website traffic to make you wealthy.

All you need do is find that starving crowd, give them the valuable information that teaches how you can still that hunger, and you’re well on your way to success.

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