Drive Traffic To Your Site With Value Added Content

Give Value To Get Traffic

There are many techniques for driving traffic to your site. One of them is by creating value added content.

One of the most popular methods is content creation.

You can create content in a number of ways. Some typical examples are:

Article writing
Blogging on your own blog site
Guest blogging on other marketer’s blog sites
Posting on marketing forums
Filming video
Recording MP3 files

There are many other ways, but those are enough to get you started.

One thing that is common to every one of these is that you must make sure they give value to the viewer, or listener. If you fail to give value in every piece of content you put out there, you won’t find any success towared making your dreams come true.

Garbage Content Is A Waste Of Time

What do I mean by value?

Consider what you look for when you read an article, or listen to an interview. What about that item makes you read, or listen, all the way til the end?

The information you’re getting MUST give you something you want. It has to scratch a big itch that you have.

And if by the time you read the first couple paragraphs, listen to the first few lines of dialogue, or watch the first frames of video, you don’t feel like your itch is about to be scratched – YOU ARE GOING TO CLICK AWAY, and go looking for something that will do that scratching.

That’s what your content must do for your visitors.

All content of value, in any form, gives quality information that does something good for the person who is checking it out.

It scratches that big itch. It solves a major problem, or makes the promise that it provides access to the solution. (And of course it must deliver on that promise, or you’ll leave your visitor frustrated and angry.

Don’t Screw This Up

Always make sure your content gives value. Scratches the big itch – solves the major problem. That’s what everybody is looking for when they seek information.

Another part of giving value is make sure that the content you provide IS NOT something your visitor has seen or heard before.

It has no value if they already know it.

When you create content make it original. Be sure it’s presented in your own words, and from your fresh viewpoint.

They may be familiar with your subject, but if they haven’t read your words before they won’t be familiar with your way of presenting information. There might just be something about the way you go about providing it that suddenly energizes that little light bulb in their head.

And they instantly realize which path they need to stride next.

Consider how amazing it feels to realize that you’re the one who helped them do that.

For more information about driving traffic in your direction with value added content check out this internet marketing training.

You don’t have to pay anything for it, and it might just give you one of those big AHA moments.

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